You are my Ocean of Tears...

Hi!, im Jaure, spanish photographer. I Love Art,Porn,Poetry, Bizarre and Silly Stuff like dancing koalas and flamingos.

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Really nice set

Anyone know what these gifs are from.

Hi! It’s me! I made this! It sucks that people remove credits ‘cause then cool gifs get moved around the TumblrTubes and then people are left being like “YO WHO ARE THESE FOXY LADIES? WHERE CAN I SEE MORE OF THEM? NOW MY LIFE FEELS INCOMPLETE!” which does indeed suck! What also sucks is that indie porn ladies like me don’t have a whole team behind them to promote & draw traffic towards them like major porn companies do so we rely heavily on “word of keyboard” and y’all sharing what you like so others see it and are like “Hey, I like that too! This person is doing cool stuff!” and maybe even buy that stuff which creates a nice support system where we can make more stuff like this!

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My newest g/g scene with Eidyia is now up on Clips4sale for your viewing pleasures! It’s cool, we get down all old school Tony Scott style! You can see a preview of the 18 minute video HERE! SO MANY EXCLAMATION MAKES ‘CAUSE I’M SO DAMN EXCITED!

As one of the people who picked this up and spread it about early (with the original text) I want to take this moment to point out that you’re an asshole if you remove the information posted by people who are creating the material you are using to get your perv on. I will remove some shitty sexist/racist/cissexist text for sure, but never information from creators.

Don’t me an asshole.


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“Study for Head of Lucian Freud”, 1967, Francis Bacon.


Study for Head of Lucian Freud”, 1967, Francis Bacon.